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Core Values: Wellness Compassion Experience Results”

Valeo [vah-lay’-o] (Latin), v. to be well.  Your wellness will always be the center of our focus.

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In order to deliver better care to our home health patients, Valeo offers specialty programs to expedite their path to recovery. These include cardiac and pulmonary care, balance and vestibular rehabilitation, neuro-rehabilitation, and post-orthopedic care. Individuals with these needs can uniquely benefit from our programs and expertise.

We provide professional and compassionate hospice care in the home. Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of a medical director, nurses, chaplain, social work and aides whose focus in on quality of life at the end of life.


Valeo gets 5 stars from me!! The staff is educated and kind, clean and polite – the bonus is I learn something every time they are in my home. Thanks for taking such great care of me!!

Angela M.

Perfect fit! How did I get so lucky? I couldn’t have been more pleased with the care I have received! The nurses have not only been professional but more importantly, caring, kind & very, very informative. They are so encouraging in my recovery!

Susan A.

The Valeo “Girls” have come into my life like three angels and brought a gift of sunshine, joy, hope & laughter. Showing compassion and understanding my issues are always in the forefront of every visit. My life has become hopeful and positive again. Thank you all!

Susan M.

Wanted to send a big hug and special thanks for the kind and professional help given to Sheldon. He (we) enjoyed all who came to our home: the nurses, massage therapist, chaplain, social workers, and wonderful aides. Thanks to the office staff for their guidance. We are grateful for all who helped.

LaWyn M.

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